8 Ways to Design Better Privacy

A while ago I found a very small book tucked in among others about design in the Museum Shop at an art gallery in Brussels, it was called “Design my Privacy” by Tijmen Schep. It turned out to be a fascinating reading about how to design services and products to make sure that they strive to make our environment both smart and privacy friendly.

How being online makes my offline world richer

Did you know that one of 60 million Europeans have never used the internet, and 45% of Europeans don’t have enough digital skills (Digital Scoreboard 2016)? This made me think about the fact that I take internet connection and my digital literacy for granted. It also made me reflect on how much my offline life is a result of my online communication and activities. Often we hear about the many ways internet steal our quality time offline, and don’t get me wrong, I too agree that we sometimes can end up wasting rather meaningless time online…