Homonationalism against Muslims and Migrants in Europe

Early 2000 I first meet Anna-Maria Sörberg in Stockholm, she was the founder and editor of a new progressive Swedish queer magazine. Anna-Maria is one of several women that inspired me throughout the years, she was making foot-prints paving the way for young LGBT-activist as myself. This summer I read Sörberg’s recent book ‘Homonationalism’ – about a complex and eye-opening topic. As a way to reinforce Anti-muslim sentiments, LGBT-people and women in general are being used as part of neoliberal rhetoric to argue that these groups have to be defended by modern nationalism against Muslims and migrants.

Why you should care about the Muslim headscarf ban

Normally I do not like to put labels on myself, but for this post I make an exception. I am Jewish, atheist, lesbian and a feminist, and I stand with Muslim women’s right to wear a headscarf.

In March 2017 the European Court of Justice judged in favour of employers right to deny employees to wear visible religious clothing, the case was brought forward by two Muslim women in France that were dismissed because of their headscarf…

Why should you care? One could argue that I shouldn’t bother as at it does not concern me.

My Mother Taught Me

My mother taught me her prejudice as well as her pride. I am a feminist, because in theory she wasn’t and in practice she was. In my childhood worldview, my mother was invincible and unbeatable, and I was taught to believe I could dream anything and achieve everything.